About me

I grew up in Bangalore, India and spent a major part of my childhood around musicians, dancers and artists. I learned an Indian percussion instrument called the 'Mridangam' for about 7 years, before switching to drums and joining a band for a couple of years

Before I ventured into UX, I tried my hand in a bunch of other design disciplines. I remodelled a couple of houses, interned at an architecture firm for a while, and even designed and restored old furniture.

I love capturing humans and animals in their element. I've part-timed as a concert photographer for a few years, spent a year trying to photograph a tiger, and even shot a music video.

I'm also fascinated by how the social behaviour and relationships of humans, and spend a lot of time exploring the topic. I'm currently reading 'Noise' by David Kahneman, and binging Peter Santenello's videos on Youtube.

Through all this, I try to harness my ADHD as if it’s the Internet browser with 50 tabs open — never sure which one’s playing music, but confident it’s all going to lead somewhere interesting. (ChatGPT wrote this 🤷🏻‍♂️)

If you're curious to learn more, and want to work with me, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or send me an email. If you're just curious about my tiger story or want to hear my thoughts about 'Noise', – I'd love a chat!

Thank you for stopping by. I continue to work on some very exciting projects. Hope to share them with you soon!

Rajeev Ramprasad, 2024

Inspired by Ivan Kunjasic