Hi! I’m Rajeev, a product designer, graduating soon with a Masters degree from Iowa State University. I’m currently helping numerous startups go from 0 to 1 at CyBIZ Labs.

Previously, I worked with the Iowa State University’s library to restructure Information Architecture and improve navigation. Prior to that, I designed web-API docs for Voxomos.ai.

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Voxomos API Docs

Simplifying API Usage for Easy Adoption

Parks Library UX Revamp

Streamlining User Navigation for Improved Library Access

AI Review Feature for DoorDash

Kleiner Perkins Fellowship

Making gym time more effiecient

Gym Buddies

Academic Project

SoilSerdem Digital Farming Platform

Agriculture Made Accessible

Coming Soon

Thank you for stopping by. I continue to work on some very exciting projects. Hope to share them with you soon!

Rajeev Ramprasad, 2024

Inspired by Ivan Kunjasic